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Glendale, AZ Office 


Kirk Anderson, Sr. Mortgage Consultant, Glendale, AZ

"I was referred to Kirk Anderson at BNC Bank through my Broker at Platinum Realty Network to obtain a loan for my new condo. I have to say that Kirk was always very prompt at getting back to me and explaining everything to me. He really went above and beyond for me. My new loan was all in place right away but we were having problems with my soon to be HOA for my condo. Their records and bookkeepers were not up to date enough to satisfy my new lender. They told Kirk it could take quite a while for their bookkeepers to get it done. Well, Kirk was talking to them daily and got it done very quickly, thanks to Kirk’s input. He is so knowledgeable and such a great guy that I would highly recommend him to anyone!!"

Linda A.

Kirk Anderson, Sr. Mortgage Consultant, Glendale, AZ

"Hello Kirk,

Just a note to let you know you are a refreshing breeze in a sticky banking climate.  I really appreciate your active communication and how you work through the issues that often arise in loan transactions quickly and efficiently.  It’s been a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to doing so again.  Please feel free to use me as a reference for your services.  You do nice work.  ;)" 

Mark S., Broker/Owner  Silver Properties, Inc.  Ironwood, MI



Kirk Anderson, Sr. Mortgage Consultant, Glendale, AZ


Now that our loan has funded Keith and I are so excited to be the owners of a new home together.
Keith and I married over 6 years ago. This will be the first Christmas we have had a home large enough to accommodate all of our parents, our children and our grand-children. It's our home for Christmas this year!!! This means the world to us and we can't thank you enough for how carefully and how quickly you got us to closing. You ran circles around everyone else and when a challenge came up you had several options available to get us through the process!

We were very impressed and certainly would not hesitate to refer you."

Thank you so very much,
Keith and Susan M.




Kirk Anderson, Sr. Mortgage Consultant, Glendale, AZ


Working with BNC National Bank for our Commercial and Residential Mortgage needs has been a very pleasurable experience. Loan processing was very expedient and fair. We were treated in the upmost respect. I would recommend BNC Bank, Sean and Kirk to anyone with Banking needs. Thanks again for your help and support."

Richard G. Saine, Phoenix, AZ

Kirk Anderson, Sr. Mortgage Consultant, Glendale, AZ

"Thank you very much Kirk, it was a great pleasure working with you. You are a great Man, I appreciated all of your great help. God bless you, and thanks again!"

Jaime Tutila, Phoenix, AZ

Kirk Anderson, Sr. Mortgage Consultant, Glendale, AZ

"Dear Kirk, 

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work with the multiple clients I have referred to your for mortgage loans. I have worked as a real estate agent for the past nine years and have encountered quite a few loan officers, some better than others but never one as professional as you have been. I cannot express enough how satisfied I am with your work and how happy and grateful my clients are with you. That speaks highly of your professionalism and I will most certainly not hesitate to recommend you to any of my acquaintances who may be in need of an honest and efficient mortgage broker in the future. The quality of service is simply impeccable and I appreciate it tremendously."

Monica Cazares, Tempe, AZ

Kirk Anderson, Sr. Mortgage Consultant, Glendale, AZ

"Hi -

It was really great to meet you today! Thanks so much for coming out to the title company to meet me and watch me write my name 10000x. I honestly do appreciate the support. You've been absolutely awesome to work with.

I was thankful when I realized early on in this process that you have a good sense of humor - that alone made this whole adventure so much easier and much less stressful (at least for me).

In an email back in early August, after we made it through the first round of prequalifying and decided the FHA loan was the best route to take, you said "I'm willing to go through the effort if you are, but there is still a possibility that it might not fly...". I want to remind you of that because I want to thank you for your dedication and perseverance. I know you invested a great amount of time and energy into this - and always had my best interest at the forefront.

Throughout the whole process I knew that if I had questions, you were always and email or phone call away.

I told Jeff that if he is ever working with a client who he wants to refer to you, I would be more than happy to be a reference earlier, this is not our 'forever' home. So once we win the lotto you can expect to hear from me again!

Thanks again Kirk!

Lauren Guerrini, Phoenix, AZ

Kirk Anderson, Sr. Mortgage Consultant, Glendale, AZ

"In this day and age when horror stories are abundant in the  lender/ housing market I want to take a few minutes to share with you the absolutely phenomenal experience I had with my mortgage lender, BNC National Bank. To begin with I am a litigation attorney and have been one for over 30 years. During that time I have litigated a number of these horror stories and have been bewildered by the inefficiency, lack of communications, lack of diligence and most of all complete indifference that seems to permeate the large traditional mortgage lenders . I was therefore prepared for more of the same when I began the process .

My experience with BNC, however, was exactly the opposite. From the very first day I met with my mortgage consultant through the date of closing BNC was fantastic. It stayed on top of every detail and made sure all the Is were dotted and T's crossed. When I called or sent an email I always received a response, usually within minutes. My transaction was complex with multiple lenders, a short sale, and a lingering trustee’s sale lurking in the background. My mortgage consultant did whatever it took to make sure we met all of the multiple deadlines under circumstance where had we missed any single one of them the purchase would never have closed escrow. While I would like to attribute the success we experienced to the superior technical and organizational skills of  BNC employees(which I am sure they have) in the final analysis it is my I opinion that the real reason for our great experience is the simple fact that the people at BNC really cared about us and seeing this transaction concluded. If anyone is considering what mortgage lender it should use for their home loan, BNC gets my highest recommendation."

John Dillingham, Arizona

Kirk Anderson, Sr. Mortgage Consultant, Glendale, AZ

"We recently purchased a home in Trilogy at Power Ranch located in Gilbert, Arizona and had the pleasure of working with Mr. Kirk Anderson, Senior Mortgage Consultant with BNC Bank of Glendale, Arizona. It was a true delight to work with a true professional who demonstrated the ultimate in professionalism." Read More...

Kirk Anderson, Sr. Mortgage Consultant, Glendale, AZ

"I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your assistance in arranging the financing related to the sale and purchase of the home in Anthem." Read More...

Kirk Anderson, Sr. Mortgage Consultant, Glendale, AZ

"We chose Kirk Anderson as our mortgage consultant, who handled our loan here in Bend.  Again we were obligated to communicate via email/phone. We were impressed on how Kirk kept us updated and offered important advice when needed. Kirk was very much part of us being able to close on time, considering that the appraisal portion of the process was delayed. Kirk went way beyond the call of duty to expedite the follow-up.   We can truthfully say that Kirk and BNC handled our entire loan process with care and professionalism and customer satisfaction was definitely part of their requirements."

Linda and Cliff Meyer
Bend, OR

Overland Park, KS Office

Brian Thomas, Loan Originator, Overland Park, KS

"Our experience with Brian Thomas could not have been more positive. From the first contact to final closing (and even after), Brian was extremely professional, courteous, quick to respond to all questions and concerns, at any time of the day or night, weekday or weekend, and completely on top of all aspects of the refinance process, leading to a good reduction in our mortgage rate. He provided data we needed in a timely manner and made it very easy for us to provide him and BNC with the information they required. We felt confident in Brian's advice and were really impressed at how quickly the refinance was completed. We would highly recommend Brian to anyone looking for a positive and successful mortgage financing experience."

Susan Quirolo

Brian Thomas, Loan Originator, Overland Park, KS

"I've had the pleasure of working with Brian Thomas on three separate occasions to refinance my home. Brian helped make what is often considered a cumbersome and frustrating process, very easy and efficient. In all cases he was extremely responsive to my questions, friendly in his approach and honest in making suggestions that were most beneficial for me. In a time when service excellence is the exception rather than the rule, it was refreshing to deal with someone so professional, competent and above all, courteous. I won't hesitate to conduct business with BNC Bank in the future.

Natalie Javid

Dean Oley, Loan Originator, Overland Park, KS

"I just wanted to take the time to tell you about the experience I had with your bank. My company moved me from Omaha, NE to Fort Worth, TX. The process of finding a home suitable was an arduous one, taking many months and many failed contracts. One constant in making the job manageable during this time, was your Sr. Loan Officer Dean Oley. From first contact Dean was professional, kind, and steadfast in his resolve to service my loan." Read More...

Harry Newell, Mortgage Consultant, Overland Park, KS

“BNC Bank was the second mortgage lender I dealt with and by far the best.  People do not understand how stressful buying a home can be – much less securing a mortgage.

BNC’s Harry Newell “stayed with me” throughout the mortgage process was accessible and always caring and polite.  In this world of bad press regarding banks and mortgage securement, BNC Bank and Harry Newell made the process painless and I can’t begin to thank them enough for their persistence, diligence and concern for me in this difficult process.

I would (ONLY!) refer Harry and BNC to friends in the future.”

Bernard Sherman

Harry Newell, Mortgage Consultant, Overland Park, KS

“Harry has helped me with two mortgages in the last 13 months. Despite a challenging work history over the last 3 years that induced an 18 month stretch of unemployment, Harry was successful. Whether helping me to minimize my closing costs in the first mortgage or minimizing the APR in the second, his advice and counsel was excellent.”

Peter Kindle
Overland Park, KS

Harry Newell, Mortgage Consultant, Overland Park, KS

"Working with Harry Newell at BNC for my home refinance was a pleasure. He was professional and up front, open and accurate with the costs associated with the refinance. He answered all of my questions thoroughly and provided useful information in helping me make the right loan choice for my situation. I highly recommend him and BNC if you are considering a refinance.

Troy D Krings

Mike Warsop, Loan Originator, Overland Park, KS

“Dear Mike,

Our closing went perfectly last evening.  The way you handled our loan - from the first call to the closing last night - was one of the most intelligent, efficient and customer-friendly processes we have ever experienced.  We will highly recommend you and BNC to others.  You and your team are the epitome of what banking should be.

Thank you!”

Bill and Deb Stonikas

Shana Sowles, Mortgage Consultant, Overland Park, KS

This is the 4th mortgage or refinance that we have done in the past 8 years on our homes. Shana was by far the best mortgage professional we have had, absolutely professional in every manner. Her expertise kept our refinance process moving in the right direction. There were no questions that she could not answer, and she worked nights and weekends to keep us informed of our refinance process.  

David and Karrie Shackleton

Shana Sowles, Mortgage Consultant, Overland Park, KS

I appreciate all of your help, you answering my many questions and that you were able to complete everything so quickly! Thank You so much!  

Jennifer Cash

Shana Sowles, Mortgage Consultant, Overland Park, KS

"Shana Sowles of BNC National Bank provided me with the best refi experience that I've ever been through. I filled out my refinance request through military.com and was contacted immediately by Shana. I was also contacted by half a dozen other lenders, but none of the others came close to matching the rates and credits that BNC could. Shana is a true professional and answered all of my questions without fail. She is a true professional and I would recommend everyone go through this experience.

Richard Paetz

Shana Sowles, Mortgage Consultant, Overland Park, KS

"Shana Sowles was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and very helpful at all times. She was pleasant to work with on a daily basis. She made it easy to contact her even at home."

Chelsea Shoemaker

Scottsdale, AZ Office

Gary Smith, Mortgage Consultant, Scottsdale, AZ

"We would like to say that we were extremely satisfied working with Gary Smith on our purchase of a home in Arizona.  He was very considerate of our needs for this purchase and worked very diligently to get us a fast approval for our loan. We had had a problem with a company we first used, who did not do a good job and completely dropped the ball on our project.  Gary was very attentive to our situation, especially the fact that we were out-of-state and doing all this "long distance", which can create a special problem. However, Gary was right there to guide us through the long ordeal and was always available when we needed him.

We certainly would recommend him highly and know he will work tirelessly for his clients. It turned out to be a smooth experience and we thank him for all he did for us."

Robert and Dorothy Fraser
Redwood City, CA

Gary Smith, Mortgage Consultant, Scottsdale, AZ

"I recently went through a divorce and did not know if I would be able to qualify for a loan on my own. I called Gary Smith since I had used his services before. Gary walked me through every step and explained everything to me so there were no surprises at the end. Gary was very accessible for any questions I had and made me feel comfortable with the whole process. Gary took all of the headaches out of the process and made my experience as easy as possible. I will always use Gary as he is honest, trustworthy and a person I can now call a friend."

Joni Williams



























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