Keeping your banking and financial information safe and secure is always a priority at BNC National Bank. We are constantly monitoring existing and possible threats and have procedures in place to respond with preventive measures as needed. This security section outlines a few of the ways BNC is protecting your information and has resources you can review to increase your awareness of how to ensure your account information stays secure.

These brochures provide information on how the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) are helping banks strengthen their vigilance on making your accounts more secure.

FFIEC Consumer Guidance, Important Facts about your Account Authentication and Online Banking

FFIEC Business Account Guidance, Risk Assessment and layered Security for online Business Transactions

These documents and links outline the steps BNC has taken to protect our customers and a fraud advisory for businesses assembled by government agencies.

Financial Fraud UPDATE - 2017

Online Banking & The Internet of Things

Don't Get Phished

Account Hijacking and Identity Theft

Avoiding Social Engineering Attacks


Fraud Advisory for Businesses - Corporate Account Take Over

Guardian (Debit Card Fraud Alert Service)

Identity Theft Today

Online Banking Fraud

Online Banking, Data Security and You

Online Banking Security Tips

Texts, Pop-ups & Downloads

Tools to Prevent Identity Theft

The following links will give you tips on creating a strong PIN and enable you to check your PIN strength.

Creating Strong PINS:

Secure PIN Checker:

Government Resources

Because identity theft is becoming more of a threat in our country, agencies of the federal government have created websites with resources you may use to learn how to protect yourself, and what measures you should take if you become a victim.


How to Report Fraud

If you suspect fraud on your account contact a personal banker immediately (call 1-800-BNCBANK, or the nearest location) and they will guide you to the person responsible for these issues.

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