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The BNC Wealth Management Team is comprised of experienced professionals; most of whom have worked in the area of business and individual wealth management their entire careers.  They come from organizations including U.S. Trust, Marquette Trust, Resource Trust, National City Bank, First Trust and other reputable wealth management firms.  We are pleased to present our team to you:

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Notice: Because there is a small risk that information transmitted via Internet email could fall into the wrong hands, BNC National Bank suggests that confidential information, such as account numbers or social security numbers, not be transmitted via email. Instead, please contact BNC National Bank directly at your nearest bank branch. Thank you.

Julie Andresen, RPA, CEBS, SVP Trust & Financial Services

Julie has over 19 years of experience with retirement plan administration with a CPA firm and with the bank.

Direct Dial Number:  (701) 250-3380

Email Address:  jandresen@bncbank.com

Melody Hintz-Rau, CPA, QKA, VP – Employee Benefits Specialist

Melody has a BS degree in accounting and finance, CPA since 1999, over 13 years experience in employee benefits, tax and accounting.

Direct Dial Number:  (701) 250-3021

Email Address:  mhintz-rau@bncbank.com

Mark Peiler, CFA, SVP - Chief Investment Officer

Mark has over 15 years of investment management experience, managing fixed income strategies, client portfolios and the bank’s fixed income portfolio.  Mark is Chairman of BNC’s Asset/Liability Management Committee.

Direct Dial Number:  (612) 305-2233

Email Address:  mpeiler@bnccorp.com

Scott Sheldon, VP - Wealth Management Services

Scott joined BNC Wealth Management team in 2013. He graduated from the University of Mary and has worked over 10 years in positions of management, public relations and investment, including experience with group and individual retirement plans.

Direct Dial Number:  (701) 250-3067

Email Address:  ssheldon@bncbank.com

Linda Fifield, CTFA, VP - Wealth Management services

Linda has over 30 years of experience with trusts, estates, tax and investments for individuals, families and foundations; expertise also in non-qualified deferred compensation trust and IRA administration.

Direct Dial Number: (612) 305-2219

 Email Address:  lfifield@bncbank.com

Lynn Boerhave, CFIRS, VP - Operations and Systems

Lynn has over 30 years with local firms and independent consulting; extensive experience with fiduciary income tax issues, trust systems and trust operations.

Direct Dial Number:  (612) 305-2297

Email Address:  lboerhave@bncbank.com

Kirsten Schadler, Administrative Assistant

Kirsten has over 11 years of experience providing administrative support within Wealth Management.

Direct Dial Number:  (701) 250-3385

 Email Address:  kschadler@bncbank.com

Palisade Asset Management, LLC, and Globalbridge, Inc. are strategic partners of BNC National Bank’s, assisting the BNC Wealth Management Team in managing core equity strategies for its clients.

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