Remote Deposit Services


Remote Deposit is a Web-based, check image capture, storage and processing solution that enables BNC National Bank to provide commercial customers the ability to deposit paper checks of all types electronically!

Remote Deposit is ideal for customers who have large volumes of checks to deposit every day. Least cost routing and speed of collection are optimized with this service.



  • No more driving to the bank to make a deposit.
  • No more filling out deposit slips by hand.
  • Remote Deposit Capture is like bringing our bank's teller window to you!

Consider the possibilities:

  • Receive funds faster
  • Eliminate the need to take checks to your bank
  • Receive later, daily deposit deadlines
  • Offers speed, savings, convenience and security
  • Improves efficiency and profitability
  • Find out about returned items quicker
  • No need to purchase, install or maintain software


The Remote Deposit Merchant Portal has now been upgraded to SmartPay Business! The new portal address is

Remote Deposit Machine

To see a demo of the new portal for SmartPay Business, click here:  SmartPay Business Demo

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