In Bismarck, ND dial 250-3073

Bank Line offers the following services via your TouchTone™ phone:


  • Current Balance
  • Checks Cleared
  • Verify Deposits
  • Verify ATM Transactions
  • Transfer Funds Between Accounts


  • Current Balance
  • Transfer Funds Between Accounts

Installment Loans

  • Outstanding Balance
  • Year-to-Date Interest
  • Payoff Amount
  • Make a Payment
  • Pay Off or Make Payments to Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection

  • Available Balance
  • Payoff Amount
  • Make a Payment

Certificate of Deposit / IRA

  • Current Balance
  • Interest Paid
  • Maturity Date
  • Interest Information

Account Statement

An up-to-date statement can be faxed to a fax machine or fax modem.   Now you can reconcile your accounts anytime!

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