Access your bank accounts using your phone with BNC's Phone Banking


In Bismarck, ND dial (701) 250-3073

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1. Using the keypad of your phone  call Client Services at 1-800-BNC-BANK (1-800-262-2265) nationwide or in Bismarck, ND dial (701) 250-3073. When prompted select 1 for Phone Banking.

2. The first time you call, you'll need to choose a four- to eight digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).  It is important to remember your PIN because you need it each time you transact with Phone Banking. Your PIN provides the security access for your accounts and only you will know this number.

Menu Options

1. Account Information

2. Funds Transfer Activities

3. Card Services

4. Change Phone Banking PIN

At any time

PRESS 1* for for Help
PRESS 3* for Main Menu

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