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Winter/Spring 2017  

Phishing Scams Explained and How to Avoid Them
Phishing scams are attempts from criminals to steal your personal information by sending you fraudulent emails or text messages... Read More

It is TIME to seriously look at starting a ROTH 401(k)...Seriously
Both a Pre-Tax and Roth (after tax) 401(k) have a place in your retirement plans, but only 19% of employees choose to contribute to the Roth 401(k) where it is available according to... Read More

NEW Positive Pay Services Available
This service prevents unauthorized checks from posting to the customer's account... Read More

Create a budget and stick to it!
While it is important to have a budget at any point in your life, it's especially important to have one after college graduation...Read More

We Can Help You Get Organized.
When searching fo your first home, be sure to evaluate the features that are important to you such as the size and location of the house... Read more

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