Fiduciary Services

Through the BNC Personal Wealth Management group, clients can access an array of fiduciary services including Trust Services, Agency Relationships, and Charitable and Philanthropic Resources.  

Trust Services – BNC Wealth Management serves clients with a number of corporate trust services.  Trusts can be quite simple and are highly advisable in any situation where a person wants to guarantee that a certain financial objective is accomplished.  In fact, establishing a trust is one of the best ways to ensure client’s wishes are carried out, both during their lifetime and after.  We are pleased to ask and answer a number of frequently asked questions we receive from our clients in the area of trust services.

Agency Relationships – Through BNC, a variety of written agreements can be established for wealth management clients to assist in record keeping and asset management.  Agency and fiduciary agreements allow the Wealth Management Department to manage all or a portion of our client’s personal and financial affairs.

Charitable and Philanthropic Resources – Through the contacts of the BNC National Bank Wealth Management Team, we have access to a number of charitable and philanthropic organizations.  Generally our clients wishing to disperse their wealth will work with us on the establishment and implementation of various charitable and philanthropic strategies.

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