Business Credit Cards

Business customers can apply for the Élan Business and Business Travel cards.  Each card features your business name and logo, providing visibility to your organization.  Some of the features include:

  • One bill at the end of the month, (reduces Accounts Payable check costs).
  • A monthly summary of charges
  • Damage and theft protection
  • Travel and entertainment advantages
  • Worldwide Acceptance

BNC offers its customers an array of credit card options through Élan .

Click here to access your existing Élan credit card account.

Click here to learn about all Élan credit card products for the Visa® Business Card, Visa® Business Travel Card or Visa® Platinum Business Rewards Card.

To apply for an Élan Business or Business Travel card contact one of our branch locations.

For more information contact Élan's 24 hour toll-free card member service center at 1-866-552-8855.

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