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Online Banking Cash Management provides you and your employees instant access to your business accounts so you can manage cash flow on a day-to-day basis quickly and securely.

With Cash Management, you have access to the same features as our regular Online Banking plus...

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A financial statement review is necessary for customers signing up for cash management. If you do not currently have a lending relationship with BNC, you will need to submit a current financial statement or other documentation as required by the credit approval process.

Positive Pay Services

Cash Management customers can improve security on their deposits by using Positive Pay, which helps stop unauthorized transactions from posting to accounts. 

Check Positive Pay
This service matches the account number, check number, and dollar amount of each check presented for payment against a list of authorized checks.

How it works – businesses upload a check issued file to the Positive Pay module option in Cash Management each day they issue checks. When checks are presented to BNC for payment, they are compared electronically against the previously uploaded check file. If the check does not have a "match" in the file, it becomes an "exception item". The customer reviews the exception item and chooses whether to pay or return the check. If the customer chooses to return the check, the item never posts to business’s account.

ACH Positive Pay
This service prevents unauthorized ACH transactions from posting to a customer’s account.

How it works - the customer builds a list of vendors, who are authorized to ACH debit their accounts. The service also allows the customer to set parameters such as authorized debit dates, and authorized dollar amounts.   Any ACH transaction that does not meet these parameters will be considered an “exception item”. The customer reviews the exception item and chooses whether to pay and add the vendor to their authorized vendor list or return the ACH debit.   

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