BNC National Bank Recently Celebrated Our 25th Anniversary!

It was a GREAT year! Thank you to all who helped BNC Celebrate our 25th Anniversary!

*View this video and our other anniversary videos at

$250 Monthly Drawing Winners:

September 2015 Winner:
Terry Delong - Garrison

October 2015 Winner:
David Peske - Bismarck

December 2015 Winner:
Roberta Brown - Mandan

January 2016 Winner:
Janice Fetzer - Garrison

March 2016 Winner:
Lisa Bagley - Linton

April 2016 Winner:
Valerie Collins - Bismarck Century

June 2016 Winner:
Vincy Smith - Linton

July 2016 Winner:
John Lacroix



$2,500 Essay Contest

Congratulations to all our winners!

$2,500 Essay Winners (click on name to read winning entry):

December 2015 Winner:
Karmen Pfeiffer-Sorenson
March 2016 Winner:
Alec Stocker Johnson
June 2016 Winner:
Kyle Martin
September 2016 Winner:
Roberta Brown



The 12 Days of Christmas Winners from BNC & Big Rig 105.9



12 Days of Christmas Winning Listeners:

Day 1 Winner: $25
Linda Ell

Day 2 Winner: $50
Tammy Berger

Day 3 Winner: $75
Caroline Randolf

Day 4 Winner: $100
Mike Doll

Day 5 Winner: $125
Jan Wolf

Day 6 Winner: $150
Kendra Schwing

Day 7 Winner: $175
Melissa Fisher

Day 8 Winner: $200
Vanessa Hyde

Day 9 Winner: $225
Joe Hoffman

Day 10 Winner: $250
Brooke Schmidt

Day 11 Winner: $275
Gary Neigum

Day 12 Winner: $300
Kelly Kuether

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